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Flash animation in Ping Pong


Some people asked us about our special animation technique in the Ping Pong TV series.
In this short video you can see the “insides” of two scenes we worked on for the show.
Animators developed a new digital technique, in order to get slow movements, turnings and big zooms, that would have been very difficult in hand drawn animation.

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Hattie Newman is a London-based set designer and imagemaker whose work combines pure whimsicality with bold design and execution. She producing work for various clients including Royal Mail, Cadbury, Sony, Louis Vuitton, NSPCC, Honda, GAP, Conde Nast, GQ, The Times and The Guardian.


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A second selection of Backgrounds made for Space Dandy #9, episode imagined and directed by Eunyoung Choi. —->Previous selection

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Moonlight Camp - Greenough, MT, USA

Combining the facilities of an upscale resort with all the fun and excitement of camping, Moonlight Camp in Montana is an ideal destination for glamping holidays. Nestled in the scenic Blackfoot Valley, the campsite is part of the exquisite Resort at Paws Up and consists of 6 beautifully appointed safari tents. Equipped with en-suite bathrooms, luxury beds and heated slate floors, all units boast beautiful rustic decors with wood and leather accents, earthy colors, and lots of charming details. In addition to the multitude of activities offered, guests have access to a characterful dining pavilion where haute grilled cuisine is served in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.


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Hobson’s Choice. Ben Stones.

Regents Park Open Air Theatre.

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I’m very very late ! ê___ê’

Here some pics of my children book”The little Red Wolf” ! :>

Now available in french bookstore and on amazon !

(Pretty photos of the book by Jonathan Garnier : )

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me when i’m not ok but I don’t want people to worry about me


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couldn’t resist drawing dream bee!

Awesome work diyoki! 
If you have anymore Bee and Puppycat fan art you would like to submit, click here!


couldn’t resist drawing dream bee!

Awesome work diyoki

If you have anymore Bee and Puppycat fan art you would like to submit, click here!


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