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Some more old paintings I fixed up, definitely happier with the new directions.

The Watchtower and Mountain Giants!

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The Monkey inferno - Interactive product. Brand and offices designed by MM.

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This is the work of Ewa Landowska typographer and musician from Krakow, Poland. Dined with romantic fantasies and strong ideas of life she creates wonderful calligraphy artworks. Some of them shown above tell us alittle bit more about her way of working. Doing all from sketch and celebrating each stroke makes her a real mater od writing and ink. Enjoy her work!

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Cloths of Heaven, new print from Seb Lester.

British designer and 8 Faces interviewee, Seb Lester, released a new limited edition print today. ‘Cloths of Heaven’, based on the poem ‘Aedh Wishes for the Cloths of Heaven’ by W B Yeats, is available both as a print and embroidered artwork.
“Yeats’s poem references ‘embroidered cloths’ and ‘gold and silver threads’, so I wanted to try to make the screen print look like an exquisite and timelessly beautiful piece of highly ornamental needlework. I’ve drawn from Medieval, Renaissance and 18th-century sources but I have also tried to integrate personal, progressive and irreverent flourishing ideas. The result is a hybrid stylistic treatment that I think could only exist in the 21st century.”
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Ceramic Serving Bowl w/ Character — MarinskiHandmades
Featured on I Luv Etsy!


Ceramic Serving Bowl w/ Character — MarinskiHandmades

Featured on I Luv Etsy!

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studio ghibli - Food

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